Parenting tips to avoid generation gap

Freedom is what most teenagers wantIt is very important for all parents to bridge the gap of generation that creates misunderstanding between them and their teenaged child. When the child grows old to become an adolescent it becomes hard for the parents to accept that their child is becoming mature enough to take small little decisions in life on their own.

Adolescence is the time when it is important for every child to understand that they neither should behave too old to take full control of their lives nor should they blindly follow what all elders are telling them. They need to think on their own and start taking small decisions in life.

To make life simpler it is important for the parents and their teenaged children to communicate with each other. Communication here must never be one sided. Both must talk and discuss things rather than be obstinate and stubborn about their own opinions.

For parents it is important to understand that the children go through what is called peer pressure. They have to stay updated in terms of fashion, stature among friends and similar little things. They try to stay one step ahead of what others of their age are doing.

Communication with your kids helps to minimize the gapsIf not one step ahead they definitely would like to stay abreast with what others are doing. Parents need to understand their needs and demands. Fulfilling all their demands is not just. Take in to account those things that can be done by you; for others discussion is required. Try and make them understand the need of the hour. This process must involve discussion and not a dictator like behavior. Befriend your child when he/she is a teenager, they will listen to you.

Freedom is what most teenagers want. Freedom to take their own decisions, going whenever and wherever they want with their friends, doing whatever they feel is good and right for them is what they want. Here you must appreciate their correct decisions and guide them where they are wrong. 

Wherever you feel they are going wrong express what you feel by simply saying that this is your opinion and they might want to follow it. If you’ll push too hard they are bound to repel. Keeping your views in front of them politely might solve the problem.

Parents must try to understand what they tag as ‘cool’ and what they think is ‘in’, who knows you might feel the same. If you strike the right cord they would appreciate you as parents and try to listen to your views patiently. For this you too need to be patient with you teenaged child.

Discipline is one factor that creates many misunderstandings. Try to talk with your child and at places let him/her have their way. Striking balance between everything is the real trick that will help you deal more easily with your teenaged child.