Barog may be your best weekend getaways from Delhi !

Barog catches your fancy while you are on a trip to Shimla by the famous Kalka-Shimla toy train. What is more interesting about this mystic and magical hill station is that earlier it was not even connected to a road and it is only after the 100th year of the station a road was set up to connect the station to the highway.

You will fall in love with this place’s mysterious structure and the green, pretty location. The tiny little station from the train seems to be welcoming the trains as it reaches out to the place from dark, long tunnels (1144 meters long) on the Kalka Shimla route.

A hill stands above the one-kilometer long tunnel also known as tunnel number 33 connecting the station.

Sleepy Hill Station near Shimla called ‘Barog’


You can hear the hollow bubbling sound of a small stream on the valley which falls on one side. The water slowly runs under the train tracks at the station. In the mist, you also get to see wooden offices and retiring rooms which look freshly painted in blue.

Do not forget to admire the beauty of cheerful and lively hanging plants alongside. You can glance quickly into the famous tunnel, hike in the hills or take a walk on the tracks. There are no significant places to see in Barog, other than, enjoying one peaceful day/night in the lap of nature.

The Name ‘Barog’!


Barog station is named after Mr. Barog who was a British railway engineer. He was given the job of building this tunnel.

His men were supposed to dig into their way into the hill from the two ends, however, they failed to meet at the Centre.

Result!  it was abandoned and the British Government slapped a fine of RS 1 on Mr. Barog. The engineer was unable to cope with this humiliation and committed suicide.

Later on, a new tunnel was constructed and this tunnel and the station was named “Barog”. Interesting history, isn’t it?

Planning the Journey by Shivalik Deluxe


If you are planning to visit Barog by Shivalik Deluxe be prepared to pay the railways to fare till Shimla.

The reason is that Shivalik Deluxe has bookings for Shimla only even if you get down at Barog Station.

With this train, you get time to spend a whole day at the place to see and explore. The train departs early in the morning at 5:30 from Kalka with just one stop at Barog.

The bigger glass windows of the train offer a better panoramic view.

Where to eat

Shivalik Deluxe Express from Kalka to Shimla which departs early in the morning from Kalka is a premium train, which more or less is similar to Shatabdi Express, offering you tea /coffee, breakfast food- mineral water onboard while on return dinner is offered in the coaches itself.

Talking about the Kalka – Shimla route, you can also find light snacks at Kalka, Dharampur, Kandaghat, Barog and Shimla stations.

There are no pantry cars in the trains operating on this route. I tried my hands on the hot potato chops with masala tea at the Barog station and they were tasty, indeed!

If you are looking to stay here you can also visit a popular cafeteria which, at most, offers some cutlets,toast-butter-omelets, and veg or non-veg thali for lunch and dinner.

You can stay at the station!


Barog Station itself offers two accommodation options available  (01792-238814). There is no online booking service and it is done on first come first serve basis. Railways facilitate three spacious double-bed retiring rooms along with attached bathroom in the station building itself.

You just need to pay a price of Rs 100, unbelievable isn’t it?

There is also a comparatively expensive stay option called Shivalik Cottage ((Tel:01123365297/01142622409)) for RS 750. Of late, railway retiring room bookings at Barog can be done online as well from

The cottage is located just above the station building from where you can view pine forests of Barog and enjoy the tranquility.

Shivalik Cottage, however, is heavily booked in peak seasons. You will need to contact the Station Superintendent to book Shivalik cottage.

What you can do in Barog!

  • Enjoy dusk and dawn at Shivalik cottage
  • Trek to the green valleys and small waterfalls nearby
  • Take snaps of the tunnel and the toy trains at the station
  • Sip hot tea with aloo bondas at the station

If you are coming from Delhi planning for a quick vacation, it is best to set out on Friday preferably in the morning, enjoy the Saturday and return on Sunday to be on your work from Monday. Barog is somewhat a relaxing spot so don’t expect to find great places to visit around here.

Last but not least, if you like trekking and do not believe in ghost stories !, try to visit the grave of  Barog which is around 1.5 km from the current tunnel in the jungle. The original incomplete tunnel is also there!