What Is Urban Family Gardening?

Urban gardening is a kind of gardening activity with environmental protection significance and is beneficial to human physical and mental health.

What Is Urban Family Gardening?

With the acceleration of urban modernization, people are faced with more and more problems and pressures: work stress, busy life, and physical and mental exhaustion.

A large number of families in the city began to grow flowers and grass at home, which diverted their nervousness. Without soil, a greenhouse hydroponic system was used to plant them, which was clean and beautified the room. 

Urban family gardening can not only bring people a beautiful living environment and healthy life but also relieve anxiety and improve mental health to some extent.


Family gardening is an agricultural activity based on gardening, taking the family as a unit, and using indoor and outdoor spaces. Its main purpose is to beautify the environment and improve health and entertainment.

The concept of urban gardening refers to the arrangement of green courtyards, small gardens, balconies, and other spaces in residents’ homes for growing flowers and grass to beautify the living environment.


“Urban family gardening” is a new green activity that combines beautification with environmental protection. It can beautify the living environment and improve people’s mental health.

It plays an important role in beautifying the environment and can improve people’s mental health level while beautifying the living room.

Gardens in the city can also make busy people relax their bodies and minds after intense work, relieve fatigue and work pressure, and at the same time, make people get some psychological relaxation.

Plants can release carbon dioxide and oxygen, making people happy physically and mentally; Can absorb a large number of toxic substances in the air and release oxygen; Can regulate the growth environment of plants; Can also release oxygen.

The research shows that the oxygen released by one plant can be used by eight people to breathe.

It can make people’s moods in a good state, improve human immunity and prevent diseases.

“Urban Garden” provides people with an opportunity to get in touch with nature, get in close contact with nature and be free from pollution, so that people can have a rest and relax in their busy lives.


What plants do you want to plant in urban gardening? According to different planting materials, we can divide plants into several categories.

The most common grass flowers in urban families, such as Four Seasons Begonia, Four Seasons Chrysanthemum, Thousand-headed Chrysanthemum, etc., grow slowly and have bright colors.

Bulb plants have good ornamental value, such as Brazilian wood, which is suitable for indoor planting.

There are also foliage plants such as asparagus and evergreen. Small shrubs include common chlorophytum or ivy.

Small shrub plants that are easy to maintain and can beautify the environment, such as roses, roses, etc.

Ground cover plants (lawns) such as hibiscus are suitable for green roofs, and small shrubs or flowers can also be planted on balconies.


Care for plants can make them grow healthily. Home gardening should be properly maintained and carefully cared for. Let’s take a look at some points that should be paid attention to.

  • Watering: Generally, plants need watering, but watering should not be too much or too little.
  • Fertilization: Different fertilization is carried out according to different stages of plant growth.
  • Pruning: It is necessary to decide whether to prune according to plant varieties, habits, forms, etc.
  • Pest control: There are many pests and diseases, which should be controlled in time.
  • Inspection and control of pests and diseases: Inspection and control are the best tests of horticultural achievements.

Common Problems and Countermeasures

Of course, no matter what you do, there will inevitably be some problems. Planting plants in a narrow space has caused some problems because of limitations and improper operation at ordinary times. And how can we solve these problems?

  • In the process of home gardening, the most common problem is insufficient light. Plants can’t grow without light. In the case of insufficient light, the leaves are often yellow, soft, thin and poor in growth.

Solution: Light is very important for the growth of plants. Home gardening can use LED lights grow to give plants sufficient light. Sufficient light can improve the activity of intracellular enzymes and promote photosynthesis, thus promoting the metabolism of plants themselves; However, insufficient light will lead to poor plant growth and a lack of nutrient elements.

  • Improper or untimely fertilization. Some families can’t fertilize plants in time because of their busy work and limited family conditions.

Solution: Use some quick-acting fertilizers, but the time, method, and dosage of fertilization must be mastered.

  • Improper pruning. Improper pruning of potted plants will lead to the breeding and spread of pests and diseases.

Solution: Proper pruning can make potted plants more beautiful, and at the same time reduce the breeding of pests and diseases.

  • Lack of basic maintenance knowledge or improper maintenance leads to death.

Solution: Try to read books about gardening or suggestions from gardening bloggers, etc.


Equipment suitable for urban family gardening has emerged constantly, such as greenhouse hydroponic system with grow light garden, which also brings great benefits to family gardening.

After learning about urban home gardening, when you practice it yourself, what you can experience is the unique flavor of feeling nature indoors.