Developing Time Management skills : The Expert Guide !

Amongst all the skills a person pays attention on, a very important skill that is required is the Time management skill. This skill is not only beneficial for a working professional but housewives, students, businessmen, freelancers and all others.

Having developed great time management skills helps you to complete important works well in time, prioritise other works, have an organised schedule and become more efficient in whatever you do. To develop time management skills you need to know a few important things.

Prioritize and Plan: Know what’s more important

Time Management Skills

This is the first step to start building time management skills. Sit with a pen and paper to decide and pen down all works starting with what is most important to what is least important. Here you must also estimate how much time each work will consume and pen that down too. Be fair in your estimation.

If you have problem in deciding what is most important see it from the point of view of its productivity. The most productive work must hold utmost importance.

Be flexible: Be cool minded

Flexibility is very important. As you prioritise things, be ready for the unexpected. Your work list must not be too rigid. For example, if you estimated that a work would take one hour for you to complete and it took a little longer due to unforeseen reasons don’t be frustrated.

Remember, if you become frustrated and lose your cool, you will become less productive. Your energies will get exhausted. So if your work takes a little longer, take it easy and make adjustments in your to-do list. Either cut short other works, or leave the least important work for tomorrow.

Divide work: Be more productive

In time management, It is best to divide your work

Doing all the work yourself will leave you exhausted and reduce your productivity. It is best to divide your work among your mates/members/colleagues. Give them less important works and do the big tasks yourself.

This will ensure that you will give your 100% to the utmost important work and the lesser important works too will be done simultaneously.

Cut it short: Divide the big tasks into days

The tasks that are going to take days must not be aimed to be completed within one day. Be reasonable. The long tasks must be divided into parts and one or two parts must be done each day.

It might take you the same amount of time as it would have taken if you didn’t plan things, but the advantage here would be that your efficiency and interest in work will be maintained. This will help you to complete the less important tasks in no time.

Practice makes a man perfect

The last thing to remember here is that no one learns time management in a day. You must practise this skill in your day to day work to attain proficiency. With practice, time management skills will become your habit and help you perform tasks effortlessly and efficiently.

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