Planning a vacation ? Don’t forget these items in your travel packing list

For travelers the world is not big enough and they believe to find the true meaning of live while wondering. For them all the successes in life can be found while roaming and not sitting in a cold room settled. ‘Not all those who wander are lost’ – The famous quote of J. R. R. Tolkien describes these travelers the best. One who loves to explore need no magic to disappear, all they need is their preferred destination and of course some mandatory and needful things which helps them to make their path easier to reach the goals.

Power banks


It is undeniable that the development of technology has made our travels much easier than it was before. But still there are things to overcome and true travelers feel the urge to manage it in their ways. The invention of Powerbank is merely a history of few days back but has become a highly useful thing to everyone and mostly to the travelers.

Powerbank helps their electric and electronic gadgets to stay alive with the needful amount of energy. Compass used to be the only way of path navigations during the early days of trips and travels but with the advancement of technology human being has captured it into a handy device, known as Mobile phone, though some use it through their tablets and laptops also.

People named this new age compass as GPS Navigation which is more accurate than the previous one. People also use Google Map to get proper ideas about the destination and the ways to reach there. A fully charged calling device is always needed to stay connected with the civilization for any kind of sudden help. Powerbank saves the mobile phones or may be the other calling devices to get dried and it can also be used in all the places irrespective of altitude and climate.



It is one of the most important inventions of science for the mankind. One who believes that magic is nothing but science, who believes seeing the things located far away are our real destinations, who believes knowing the unknown things are the true wisdoms, agrees the importance of this tiny thing. One can never deny the value of a Binocular while traveling through the unknown paths. The lenses of a Binocular can help to reach the places easily where one can hardly reach physically. It also makes the travelers aware from the dangers and the troubles waiting ahead. In most of the cases people have to know and get aware of the weather condition waiting for them ahead and binoculars is the only thing that helps in it. They can see and judge the clouds floating right ahead in the sky. It also let the travelers stay aware of the dangers in the dense woods. It gives clear visions to them whether there is any fountain, oasis, rocky hills or any wild animals. But above everything, binoculars help them in getting the clear views of the places where they cannot reach by their feet. The peak of Kanchenjunga is observed easily through the lenses of binoculars from Tiger Hills. The wild beasts and the exotic birds cannot be enjoyed properly from the watch towers if not seen through the lenses of binoculars.

Pocket Tripod

Mobile and Camera Pocket tripods are very helpful for selfshots

It is also a needful thing and counted among the most mandatory things nowadays for all the travel photographers. It is believed that one who loves to travel in the unknown paths of the earth having a natural instinct of the photographers inside. Their photographs are the only way or rather the gateway to see the world for the commoners. It is the way how they express their visions to everyone. But besides a high resolution camera a well captured photograph needs a strong tripod as well. It helps the travelers to get shake free snaps and also the pictures taken in slow shutter speeds. But sometimes it is difficult to carry heavyweight tripods while traveling and for that reason the travelers of the modern days prefer to use pocket tripods which are lighter in weight and cheaper in price. Travelers can easily buy them from the markets in affordable prices starting from 400 to 5,000 rupees.

First-aid Kit


It is to be remembered that situations may not be very friendly always for the travelers. The weather condition and the nature of the water cannot be predicted always and sometimes they need to be ready to face the odds. It is always suggested to them to keep the needful medicines and carry a first-aid kit while traveling wild. It helps to revive in the sudden health situations. The medicines for loose motions and stomach upsets are very essential things.

The behavior of the drinking water is not the very same everywhere, besides one cannot expect the regular diet while traveling in remotes. Headache is another most common problem faced by most of the travelers because of the changes in altitude. Traveling on the High altitude places often causes headaches, colds and fevers to the tourists, so it is suggested to keep all the medicines in the first-aid kit while packing the travel bags. Keeping pain killing tablets can be a wise decision for the sudden accidental issues which are quite common in forest and hilly areas. First-aid kit needs to be considered as the most useful thing while planning any sort of trip.

Useful Travel Apps in Smartphone

Your smartphone should have these travel apps to help you while journey

Smartphone is the most commonly seen attribute in the hands of the contemporary human beings. It is hard to spend even a day without it. The use of Smartphone has simplified the paths of lives and also brought all the needful facilities within a small device. There are some applications which really help the travelers during their trips. One can easily book their railway tickets through the app of IRCTC Connect even without visiting the station or they can also book their bus tickets, hotel rooms and restaurant seats through the helpful applications of Redbus, Ola Cabs, Clear Trip, Zomato and etc. One can also arrange their informal and cheaper travels through the apps like blah blah car.

Traveling is the most versatile experience to get away from the boring routine life. Whether you are going out on an adventurous and thrilling trip or simply want to explore the new countries and islands, you need to have items in your inventory that may come handy during emergency. While, the list is endless, there are basic set of items that is an absolute necessity in your back pack. With the world diverging in the modernization, many electronic gadgets will also find its place in your inventory, which has quite become a need as well. You may choose to have list of accessories on your travel, but make sure to have the mentioned items that can take your traveling experience to a whole new level.

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