Online Social Networks – Are they weakening relationships?

With the ever increasing and developing network of technology come many pros and cons. When we talk of technology the first thing that comes to our mind is the internet. From the time internet has come in to existence it has become the fastest growing dimension of technology. More and more people are connecting to the internet and doing lots of stuff. For most people the precious gift of internet are the social networking websites.

Virtual Vs Real World

Social Networks are useful if you apply them properly.

Youngsters are the ones who are most fascinated to this whole concept of social networking websites. They think this to be a great platform of interacting with people all over the world and make new friends. There are many pros connected with this new platform for interaction but its cons cannot go unnoticed too.

If we talk of the pros, we could count some, but if we talk of the cons, they might not be huge in number but are very strong and must become the main topic of debates everywhere. The most important negative impact of the social networking is its weakening of human relations and values from within.

Face book vs Face to Face

The communication medium today has lost its importance and its real meaning. Communication today is all about logging on to your favourite networking website and ‘scrap’ or ‘post a message on the wall’. Where has the real talking, laughing, sharing and discussing gone? People are becoming increasingly busy in their lives and the only medium they use for talking to each other is the social networking websites.

More is yet to come

Young Generation needs to balance between social networks addiction vs utilization.

The situation is becoming worse because of the new added attractions and applications in the new evolving websites. Gone are those days when people use to go over to each other’s place and talk their heart out. Mechanization has become the ‘mantra’ of the generation next.

Social networking has definitely come out as a boon to the mankind, provided it is used to the optimum level. Excessive use of social networking websites will only lead to weakening of relationships and human values from within.

Social Networks real power and application

For discussions and interaction with people at faraway places, social networking websites can be used. For building professional relationships with companies and people staying in distant nations and holding meetings and conferences with your colleagues when you cannot be present at that venue; using social networking platforms is completely justified.


Line of Demarcation

We need to understand where to draw the line. We need to understand that becoming a slave of technology is not going to lead us anywhere. Technology is man made and must remain his slave forever. If technology can create, it can destroy too.

Limited and justified use of social networking websites will yield good results. This is something that especially today’s generation must understand as they are the ones who play an integral part in building a beautiful tomorrow.

–  By Richa Kumar