Jurassic World Review

It was in the year 1993 when Steven Spielberg’s Jurassic Park was released, it turned out to be a massive hit at the box office. In this version of Jurassic park we just had only dinosaurs to make us went crazy. But the advance technology has taken this “Jurassic World” to some other level of satisfaction with its awesome effects that has changed the experience of our cinema.

As we all know that nothing can be matched with dinosaurs that was created by Stephen Spielberg. However director Colin Trevorrow has made the dinosaurs bigger and louder to make the audience jump of their seats. Director Colin Trevorrow has casted some really good actors such as Chris Pratt, Bryce Dallas Howard, Irfan Khan and Vincent D’ontario.

Indian audience would be happy to see Irfan in the film

Irfan Khan plays the role of Simon Masraini who’s the billionaire owner of the park. He well portrayed his role which is a true heir of John Hammond who was actually the main owner of the park played by Richard Attenborough. Sam wants his dinosaurs to entertain the huge crowd and he wants his scientists to push the science level a bit higher and create something that will bring more attractions. But Sam doesn’t know what will be the outcome of bringing back the dead species.

Bryce Dallas Howard plays the role of Claire who is an uptight manager and also the number cruncher. She only knows how to get revenue out of the park. And to do so she wants bigger and better dinosaurs. So she with the help of the scientist creates a dinosaur who is made by the DNA of T Rex and is a highly skilled killer with awesome intelligence. She was told by Sam to meet Owen played by Chris Pratt, portraying the character of training raptors. And to make the audience more edge of the seat, introduces Claire’s nephews Gray and Zack played by Ty Simpson and Nick Robinson as they are visiting her aunt and also the park. And the villain of this movie is Vik Hoskins played by Vincent D’ontario who wants to use the dinosaurs as weapons to destroy the enemies behind the lines.

Jueassic World missess the spark created by Spielberg

The rest part of the movie can be easily predicted as one killer and ferocious dinosaurs will be on loose killing everyone on his way. But main star cast is saved by someone who is a macho. But the main thing that really worked for the film was that how director Colin Trevorrow managed to keep the audience’s demand. As it is the world of smart phones, it has been clearly shown in the movie that people are not that much interested in dinosaurs because when they were showcasing the Mosasaurus who was eating his prey by coming out of the water, people were quite busy texting in their smartphones. As it was clearly said by Claire “Nobody is excited to see a dinosaur anymore”. What they want is to be entertained.

Actually most of the places of the park seemed to be fake. It is also shown that toddlers are getting a nice ridding on the baby dinosaurs. But we really missed those terrifying and nail biting moments from Stephen Spielberg’s Jurassic Park. However Colin Trevorrow makes an awesome debut by giving the world and the box office a massive hit which has already made a world record. But many thinks that Jurassic World still misses its spark which was initially created by Stephen Spielberg. The movie is below expectations, acting could have been much better. The story which has two boys under stress as their parents are getting divorced and moreover there is no real emotions around. There was nothing or should I say no chemistry between Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard. But the movie is worth watching.