Is 70’s fashion back in India ?

1970s was an era of off beat and over the top fashion trends. It brought drastic changes in the then fashion market.Bollywood popularized 70’s retro fashion in India with charaters in fashionable attires including new style of wearing and to body hugging colourful kurtis and several other changes.

That was a decade of disco, hip-hop and party wear trends in the fashion circuit.People then experimented with their looks big time.

While clean dresses and box hats often reflected the teenage dress in the 60’s , the era of 70’s put more emphasis on individual expressions where girls used to wear very colorful, bold outfits in unique styles.

Hippie and Bohemian look dominated the fashion industry of 1970s.The trend was further complemented by Saturday Night Fever , a popular 1977 Hollywood flick which popularized Wide-legged, flared jeans and trousers.

Bollywood follows 70's dresses and themes

The fashion norms and trends are quite affected by the Indian Film Industry. The youngsters ape mostly the fashion trends shown in the movies. What actors and actresses wear is taken very seriously by the younger generation.

This year onwards many 1970s Indian movies are about to be remade and it is all about 1970s fashion trends. The movie that brought 1970s fashion back this year is ‘Once upon a time in Mumbai’. This movie was all about the 1970s and what all happened in those times, especially in the mafia circuit. This movie brought revolutionary changes in the fashion industry. The clothes worn in 1970s are back with a bang!

Clothing Patterns

Clothes such as Kaftans, Maxi and mini skirts, bell bottoms, flared trousers, platform heeled footwear, tank tops, knit wears, flashy colors and hip hop and disco clothing is back. Today’s fashionable colors are hot pinks, electric blues, fresh greens, bright yellows and rich reds.

Women are seen wearing glamorous full length maxi dresses and halter neck cat-suits and jump-suits in evenings. This is what was most famous in those times for women. Days were all about checkered flared skirts and mini dresses.

Sequined fabrics with elegant sleeves in tops also give 1970s feel in a big way. The coats men wore in those times were embroidered. Kaftans gave a twist to the garments. Hippie pants also called the hipsters and Arabian bottoms are something that is going well with youngsters. Harem jump suits are very ‘in’ this season. Knitted tops for women are back in fashion. These tops can be worn over flared bottoms for official wear or for an evening out.

Typical Fashion Styles

The fashion of 70's

The major style that looks typical of 1970s is the high waist bottom wear. The hipsters and pants are now worn high on waist and look very chic. Even the skirts are raising high on waist now. Scarves are also making big news in the fashion market today. High waist mid length skirts with knitted tops and scarf tied around the neck look stunning with a plat form heeled sandals. This kind of clothing can be worn by women both in parties and on a casual day out.

Return of 70’s style

Hair dos of varying styles are back in fashion for women. The ponytails and buns made in those times are considered quite trendy these days.

The 1970s was a golden decade for the fashion industry and with those trends coming back in fashion; the history is yet going to be repeated.

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