India’s top 5 TV Reality Shows

Since the television has become a huge medium of entertainment for all sections of the society, the kinds of programs telecasted on the Indian National Television have diversified. Celebrity gossip shows and reality shows are most popular among Indians.

The reality shows gain highest TRPs among other kinds of daily soaps and programs. The top five TV reality shows in India are as follows-

Bigg Boss

Salman Khan is the new host of Big Boss 2010

This is one show that has gained maximum TRP since it started. It is based on the very popular reality show of UK called the Big Brother. This show is also said to be the most controversial reality show making sensational news all the time it is being telecasted.

The long forgotten actors, models and other people from the glamour industry too get a chance of reviving their popularity. This year in 2010, the fourth season of Bigg Boss has returned with a bang. The hosts of this show too gain huge popularity and are a matter of discussion among Indians. This season of Bigg Boss is being hosted by the very popular movie star of India, Salman Khan, who is known for his comic timing, friendly nature and rock star looks.


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