6 most acclaimed magicians of all times

Franz Harary

An American magician and inventor , Franz dreamed big when it came to enhance his magic career. He took on huge illusions like vanishing the London bridge and the space shuttle. He came forward as a made scientist and did wonders with his unique tricks and illusions.

In 1983, after sending a video tape to singer Michael Jackson, Harary designed the illusions for the Jackson’s 1984 “victory tour”. Since then , Harary has worked with Janet Jackson ,Alice Cooper, Tina Turner and more.

He has also acted as a host of the masters of Illusion television shows on PAX. And recently coached teams on TV’s “America’s best dance crew”. “ I think MTV’s presence has been one of the most important reason why magic has become such a viable element in rock shows” , says Harary on his website.

“Magic can satisfy the public craving to see the same feats of technology and imagination on stage that artists freely use in their music videos.The magical arts have virtually unchanged for over thirty years. It’s time to bring them up to the level of sophistication ,popularity and acceptance that film,videos and music now enjoy. I believe its up to me to make that happen ”.

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