10 Killer Tips for a healthy and shiny hair !

Have you ever noticed a person going for a makeover? Generally we see a celebrity going through a make over. We become amazed to see them transforming into a new avatar. The first thing done is a new hair style then come other changes. It is the hair make over that gives a true transformation. Common people also get themselves a new hair cut to change their old look.. Good hair quality is something which is always required for good look but is always missing due to different reasons. Dull, unhealthy tresses are always a source of anguish to a woman who wants lustrous locks.

Healthy Hair Tips

Different hair styles are adopted by us during our teens to look most attractive. However that doesn’t work every time and we get grins when ever we pass our neighbor or a friend. A bald person looks greedily on a person having thick covering on his head but gone are the days when baldness was a curse for sufferers. Now a day there are many ways to protect and enhance your hair .As we know that our genetic make up largely decides the health, quality, quantity color and texture of our hair. Don’t get disappointed if you are not blessed by good locks. Proper nutrition and grooming can work wonders for your hair and make you feel happy.

Steps towards right, shiny and healthy hair:

  • Identify your hair type. This can be done by yourself or by hair experts. Hair can be normal to oily/normal to dry, oily and dry.
  • Use hair products according to your hair type.
  • It is not harmful to wash your hair daily .It is a myth. How frequently you should wash your hair depends on your hair type. Oily, straight hair needs washing everyday, oily to dry hair needs two to three times a week and dry hair requires washing once a week.
  • If you have oily hair your shampoo should contain a base of Sodium lauryl Sulphate. If you are coloring your hair you should use a conditioner and serum.
  • Fenugreek, hibiscus, curry leaves and beer are few things easily available around us .They are natural conditioners for all hair type. Boil curry leaves and Hibiscus petals together in coconut oil and apply, you can get shiny smooth hair.
  • If you are growing your hair get a trim once in every two months otherwise you will end up with dry hair tips or split ends.
  • Hair oil massages increases blood circulation and acts as a good pre-conditioner, specially coconut oil. They prevent over drying of treated hair.
  • If you are using henna that colors hair naturally you should remember that using it too frequently can make your hair dry. Use a good conditioner and a shampoo that contains cocobetyl diamine.Take extra care.
  • Eat balanced diet that means you should eat fruits, green vegetables, nuts and dairy products and drink ample quantity of water. Sometimes hair fall is an indication of poor health so a good health condition can reduce your hair fall problem.
  • Keeping you stress free is also very important.
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